Facebook Advertising

We create performance based Facebook Advertising campaigns that drive leads and sales.

Facebook now boasts over 15 million active Australian users. This has created an unprecedented opportunity for you to explode your sales as a business owner. By using the right formula you can build game-changing campaigns that blow your competitors out of the water.

You may not be entirely dissatisfied with where your business is at, or you’re just downright appalled with your sales growth. In either case, it’s more than likely that Facebook can enable you to connect with a flood of paying customers with careful planning and execution, and the right tools in your battle chest.


Facebook’s advertising platform enables you to connect with people of your choosing, through highly targeted audience selection. You can reach prospects by selecting demographics, interests, locations and past online activity. In fact there’s upto 50,000 different data points you can use to connect with your ideal prospects.

As the leading Facebook Advertising Agency we can show you how to harness the power of this platform by crafting campaigns that give your business an unfair advantage, but remember… With great power, comes great responsibility…

Use facebook ads to...

  • Create leads
  • Generate eCommerce sales
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Engage motivated buyers
  • Select audiences with precision
  • Scale business with control

This is an incredible platform to achieve the objectives above as you can minimise Facebook advertising costs in Australia as a business with a well managed campaign.

Why work with us?

Why choosing Invicta just makes sense.

No prisons

We don’t believe in forcing you into long term contracts. It’s a win-win situation.

Good Strategy

We won’t guide your campaign with sweet nothings, we’ll let the research speak for itself.

Aggressively Agile

We never stop reiterating, we never stop learning. We’ll put in the time because we know you don’t have much.

The Money

We chase dollars not acronyms. We optimise for sales and leads.

Facebook Ads Specialists

We’re Facebook Ads specialists that understand business fundamentals as well as growth marketing. Why is this important to you? The greatest marketers understand your business before everything. Great marketing is a reflection of your business.

Trusted by local and national brands

If you’re serious about driving revenue online, growing market share, and staying ahead of your competition, then get in touch.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Facebook Ads have GST?

Yes, you pay GST on Facebook Advertising campaigns which can be claimed as a credit depending on your business operation. We encourage talking to your accountants for advice.

How quickly can you see results from Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are a ‘pay-per-click’ form of advertising which means that you can generate traffic from this channel within a few seconds of launching a campaign. A well designed campaign can generate leads and sales almost immediately. However we always recommend allowing a few ‘advertising cycles’ to test your offer and your messages to see what your ideal user responds to. This can take a few days to a few weeks depending on your type of business and industry. Consumer products will often deliver results in a shorter term as compared to B2B organisations.