The Invicta growth program

A Demand and Sales generation program for businesses that want to scale by at least 7 figures or more.

What you can expect as a Growth Program Partner?

Driving growth in sales and demand can be engineered with a clear pathway. As an Invicta Growth Program partner, you receive advice to make the right marketing and sales decisions and ‘done-for-you’ execution managed by our in-house team of digital professionals. The Digital Growth team assists you with:




Partners get access to a dedicated growth team that will

Conduct strategy workshops

Create a sales growth roadmap

Proactively revise campaigns to meet objectives

Setup digital advertising campaigns

Create branded content

Setup marketing and sales technology

Research and discover consumer intelligence

Build custom dashboards

Help identify common sales bottlenecks

Engineering predictable growth

Every business needs three things to build a marketing engine that will help outpace sales growth faster than all of their competitors.


Knowledge of the right concepts, tools and practices.

Collectively, our team invests thousands of hours a year in gathering, understanding and sharing knowledge. We explore the areas of digital marketing, sales, business development and technology.


People that can implement these to drive results

We maintain a rigorous hiring and training standard to ensure that the people at the helm are equipped to drive results. As a Growth Program Partner you will benefit from over 7 different professionals crafting and managing your growth strategy.

These include a dedicated growth consultant, digital designer, developer, content strategist, SEO manager and advertising specialists.


Processes to do all of this with precision and accuracy.

We have learned, created and fine tuned processes over years of testing and implementing growth campaigns. Our people leverage the knowledge and experiences available to them through established processes, to give you the fastest path to success.

We can help you
 convert the masses

The Growth Program was created for businesses wanting to grow by 7 or 8 figures in revenue.
Gryphon has seen a surge in demand and revenue has grown over three times. Most importantly, they are once again fast-growing a tribe of happy customers that regularly communicate the exceptional experience they’ve had.
300% Growth in yearly revenue
45% Average closing rate from enquiry to sale
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Some of the most common things people say to us in our first discussions.

"We've run digital marketing campaigns before and they didn't work"
"We always seem to have to spend more to get more work"
"I don't know what it costs me to get every customer"

Frequently asked questions

How is the Growth Program different from other marketing services?

What tools do you use for CRO?

What is A/B split testing?

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