Gryphon Garage Doors

Website redesign restores trust in brand’s mission to improve the quality of our customers lives

The Client

Established in WA, Gryphon Garage Doors is one of Australia’s longest standing garage door companies, providing families and businesses with high quality garage door repairs and installation services.


B2C, Garage Door Installation, Service and Repairs


  • User Experience Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Content Creation
  • Content Strategy
  • SEO

Gryphon Garage Doors

In 2016, new visionary owners Brett and Jim, took over the business with a “mission to not only revitalise the business, but to give the business a new purpose — enrich the lives of their customers.” With exciting times ahead, the community responded well and customers had experienced first hand the quality, reliability and service that many had come to expect for the last 25 years.

However, like every business attempting to maintain their reputation in the 21st century, they began to struggle with their online digital presence.


Reputable brand’s growth hindered by website

Face to face, Gryphon’s customer service was unmatched. Unfortunately, this experience was not reflected online. And despite all their hard efforts and an impressive long-standing reputation, an outdated, poor performing website was all it took to dismantle decades of trust.


Poor website experiences, trust issues and a decrease in leads

Gryphon not only began to lose trust with their customers, their online credibility took a major hit. Broken forms, slow load speeds, a decline in SEO rankings, and a poor user experience, among others, were just some of the problems identified with their existing website.
Having reached its limits, Gryphon needed a website that was reflective of their brand’s mission, and the quality services it offered their customers in the online space.


Modern, professional website that enhanced customer experience

Following a successful roundtable discussion, a website overhaul was set in motion to bring their mission and vision to life. New website elements were created to simplify and improve the user experience. Repetition of logos and brand colours helped enhance brand identity and established trust with customers. Built on an easy-to-use CMS platform: WordPress, we were also able to simplify the lead generation and sales process.

Project Overview

With poor site navigation, confusing product information and pages slow to load, Gryphon was losing the trust of their customers by the day. The new website was developed to improve the user experience, enhance Gryphon’s online digital presence and restore the trust and faith in their customers.

Brand enhancing elements

One of the biggest challenges Gryphon faced was replicating their exceptional customer service clients had come to expect and appreciate in face to face interactions on their website. We needed to show users that on the other side of this website was a friendly and professional team who truly cares about their needs and wants. We needed to express that Gryphon is not just a garage door service provider, but a company who genuinely wants to improve the users quality of life.

Brand personality, tone of voice, and all the right reasons why Gryphon is the #1 choice

Our purpose was to create an experience that was more than simply purchasing a garage door. It wasn’t just about getting a new door, but an ever-lasting relationship with a company who cares about their customers.

Brand logos used to drive a desired action

We extracted the recognisable Gryphon symbol from the logo to create thumb-stopping patterns to capture the eyes of users and encourage them to take an action. Ultimately, this became a key component of the brand’s identity.

Discovery and research

In our discovery and research, we found that many users land on the website for a wide range of reasons, including garage door repairs, servicing and installation. Furthermore, the majority of users searching for a specific type of garage door had no idea on what was most suited to their needs. Poorly designed menus and pages full of confusing text made it difficult to distinguish between the different types of doors and their features. As a result, users would leave the website without enquiring because they were not able to easily find the information they were looking for.

Pages optimised for conversions

Clear calls to action created based on what users were thinking and strategically placed on pages to give customers their next best steps, increasing leads and improving website conversions.

Engaging users from the get-go

Simple navigation makes it easy for customers to quickly and easily find what they’re searching for. Customised icons help users visually identify specific garage door types they may have seen while driving around the neighbourhood, allowing them to navigate straight to the product page.

Mobile first design, seamless experience across all devices

With a 70/30 split: mobile vs desktop, a truly mobile first design was a top priority to capture the majority of Gryphon’s potential customers. Sticky menu bars for easier site navigation and clear calls to action made it extremely easy for customers to find what they were looking for and make an enquiry, then and there.


The new Gryphon Garage Doors website redesign process was combined with an ironclad digital strategy to deliver a competitive advantage and ensure future business growth.
30% Bounce rate reduction
1500% Increased organic search traffic
6x Increased visitor to enquiry conversion rate

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