Growth Journey

Gryphon Garage Doors

The Business Challenge

Gryphon Garage Doors operates in a highly competitive market where every business is reaching to meet new customers and often the strategy is to slash prices to entice people. This approach leads to poorer quality and service and wouldn’t benefit either the business or customer in the long run. They had to make a decision, to either compete at everyone else’s level or find a way to grow in the competitive market whilst maintaining their core values.

Fast Forward...
  • Gryphon Garage Doors grows revenue by 200%
  • The average cost per lead cut by 50% in the first 6 months
  • 8x increase in the number of online contacts
  • Over 100 keywords in the top 3 positions on Google

The approach to marketing their product relied on a narrow view – connect with anyone looking for garage doors. This assumed that all customers are the same and that as long as the product and service are of the highest quality, they could continue growing their sales.

Garage doors are a product that falls into many different categories and has several characteristics to consider. Additionally, people buy doors in many different situations, like when building a new home, purchasing a new home, replacing an old door, renovations and when they have faults, to name a few.

We partnered with Gryphon Garage Doors under our Growth Program to reach more customers in the places that were relevant to them, and expand to a wider audience. Under this program, they had access to the channels and strategies they needed, on-demand. We created rapid growth by using fast-acting channels initially, turning on other components to sustain this growth and create long term brand awareness.

Growth Program

SEO Strategy

Link Building


Marketing Automation

Facebook Ads

Content Marketing

Growth Hacking

Paid Search

Sales Funnel

"We began our relationship with Invicta Agency approximately one year ago following disappointing experiences and much over-promising from other digital agencies as to the results that could be achieved. Ali Raza, the principal, and his team, very quickly not only delivered results but became an intrinsic part of our business both educating our company from a digital marketing perspective and forming a strong consultative bond with the company. Ali and his team have delivered in every respect and I am more than willing to recommend them to anybody looking to make gains and understand the digital marketing area."

James Cowling

Gryphon Garage Doors


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