One Click Life

Rapid testing and experimentation leads to 20,000 new customers and a successful IPO


One Click Life developed a new and revolutionary tech platform that would transform the way Australians did their tax returns and manage life admin. Their vision was simple — make life admin simple and accessible to everyone in Australia. To achieve this vision, they knew they had to go public and set their sights on an IPO for 2022


  • SEO


When One Click Life first approached Invicta, the company was in the middle of a rebrand, with low registration rates and expensive advertising costs to acquire new customers, all without the backing of an established and credible website. They knew their product was a game changer, but no one else did.


With a hyper-focus on new customer acquisition, in 2021 the Invicta digital growth team developed a 6 week sprint designed to attract 1500 new users and achieve the first benchmark to IPO, while also effectively hitting all performance and efficiency goals through 2022. To achieve the IPO, the Invicta team began tracking user search behaviour and other indicators to restructure ads for rapid testing and experimentation, while developing custom landing pages continuously optimised for the highest conversion rate. Content and SEO strategy was deployed to generate new organic opportunities, while brand messaging and product marketing was refined to create a meaningful and consistent customer experience across the website, and all touch points. Additional retargeting ads were introduced to focus on maximising budgets and reducing acquisition costs.


Over the course of the partnership, Invicta has helped One Click Life go to market with a new product, carving out a new niche and establishing brand dominance. Today, One Click Life has achieved a successful IPO with significant placements for high-volume searched terms. 

One Click Life’s traffic increased by a striking 420% year on year, contributing towards a 1731% growth in organic conversions. Both blog content and optimised website pages have resulted in +82 keywords ranking in the top 3 positions of SERPs thanks to the SEO and Content strategy produced by their partnership with the Invicta team. 

Vigorous Google Ads testing and experimentation brought the overall cost to acquire a customer down by 62% and saw over 20,000 new customers generated from June to October.

  • +420%Increase in organic search traffic, year on year
  • +1731%Growth in conversions from organic sources, year on year
  • +82 Keywords in top 3 positions on search engines
  • 20,000New customers from June to October
  • 62%Reduction in cost to acquire a new customer