10 benefits of building a website on WordPress

10 benefits of building a website on WordPress

Why WordPress? Top 10 benefits of building your website on WordPress 


When working with your web design company to choose a Content Management System (CMS), you need to choose wisely. Building a professional website design is only the start. You’ll have to keep updating your website as time goes on, and you, therefore, want to ensure that you choose a CMS that’s easy to update and manage, possibly by multiple users. 


That’s where WordPress comes in. We break down all the reasons why WordPress comes out at the top for both website design and development.

These are just 10 benefits of WordPress based websites, but the list goes on.

A Quick Look at Different Content Management Systems (CMS)


There are several CMS options to use when creating a website for your business. These include Open-Source CMS (WordPress is an example), Proprietary CMS, and Software as a Service (SaaS) CMS. 


Proprietary CMS like Shopify, managed by one company, requires you to buy a license and pay a monthly subscription fee. On the other hand, SaaS CMS is a virtual solution stored in the cloud, also based on a monthly subscription fee for each user and website. 


What makes Open-Source CMS like WordPress website design ideal is that there’s no initial cost, and you pay for top-up features. Your choice in CMS will also influence your website layout design, as template builders can limit you to specific layouts, colours, etc.


Why WordPress Wins When It Comes to Building a Website 


What makes a great website? Well, there’s a reason why WordPress is used by 42.5% of websites. In fact, there are many reasons! We outline just ten of these to help you understand how to design a website and whether WordPress is a good fit for your business. 


1. It’s (Mostly) Free 


Anyone can download, install, and use WordPress for free. Please note, however, that you will still need to pay to register your domain name and web hosting. You can also pay to add certain features to your WordPress, and they offer various packages from Personal for $4 to eCommerce for $45 per month. 

You can hire professional WordPress web designers that create custom solutions. The investment you make will simply depend on how elaborate or functional the design of your website is and the credibility of the agency.

2. Super User-Friendly 


The team working on your website’s backend will more than likely be a diverse bunch with different skills. What makes WordPress a firm favourite is that it’s super easy to understand and navigate! 


That means onboarding employees and managing your website in the future is a breeze. WordPress also helps make it easy to implement mobile website design and responsive web design, meaning that it will scale and work well on all screens. 


3. Manageable from Anywhere


Anyone can log in to the backend from anywhere to make updates or upload anything. And in today’s remote working world, this is a significant benefit! When you have employees working in different countries or in different time zones, the backend management of your WordPress website is easy for all.


4. No Coding Skills Needed


After your web page design is done, your other staff, like content writers or SEO managers, will have to work on the backend. The benefit of WordPress is that you don’t need any coding skills. No more running to your developer’s desk every single time you have to do something on the website! 


5. SEO-friendly with Yoast Plugin 


If you want to rank high on Google’s search engine, you must play Google’s game, also known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). WordPress gets this and offers you many nifty tools to help you rank, including the powerful Yoast plugin that helps guide you to optimise your web pages and posts fully. 


6. Full Control Over Website 


Because WordPress makes your site so user-friendly, you no longer have to pay someone else to manage it for you. You can easily make changes yourself, giving you complete control to modify as you see fit.


7. Fully Customisable 


Your brand is unique, and you want your website to be a reflection of this! With WordPress, you can customise your website fully in line with this and don’t have to resort to tired-looking, unoriginal templates. There are so many benefits of a good website design, so you want to ensure that you get it right.


8. Add More Features with More Plugins


There’s so much you can do with plugins! You’ll find many free plugins as well as paid ones available on WordPress, such as the before-mentioned Yoast, video galleries, event calendars, social media plugins, and much more. The ever growing list of plugins continue to expand the benefits of WordPress designed websites.


9. Scalability to Grow Your Website With Your Business


You might be a start-up business today, but who’s to say where you’ll be in a couple of years? With WordPress, you can quickly scale by adding hundreds of new pages and blog posts, as well as optimise it to better suit your business and employees as you grow. 


10. Many Users on One Website


In line with the previous point, you can have many employees working on your WordPress site simultaneously. There are minor limitations, such as only one person being in ‘control’ of uploading a blog at a time, etc. But, in general, everyone can log in and go as they need to, and from wherever they are.


Choosing a Web Design Agency 


As a bespoke website design company, Invicta can help you set up and run your WordPress website like a pro and in no time. It’s important that you decide on a company with a proven track record, so contact us for an obligation-free quote on your website design.. 


Whether for a new website or website redesign, our premiere web team can help walk through the journey with you.


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Updated: November 23, 2022
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