Facebook Advertising aligns your marketing strategy with your target audience

Acquire more new customers, build a strong recognisable brand, and exceed sales targets with full-funnel facebook lead generation.
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High performance social ads campaigns that meet the customers where they are in their journey

Facebook ads can prove to be one of the best, if not, the most reliable sources of highly qualified traffic, if done right.

Targeting the wrong audience, not understanding the rules, or tracking the right metrics are common costly mistakes of managing your own Facebook advertising.

At Invicta Agency, our Facebook advertising specialists apply a methodical approach to build brand recognition, produce memorable content that excites your audience, and inspires them to take action.

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With our full-funnel Facebook lead generation program, you will:
  • Generate high quality leads
  • Retarget past customers
  • Grow online sales
  • Establish trust & credibility with your brand
  • Capture customers who aren’t actively searching

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Our Facebook ads agency provides you with untapped access to our marketing experts who have an extensive history of success and a talent for transforming troubled campaigns.
"This has been the most exceptional experience we've had working with a digital agency. We had enquiries flooding in from day one and it hasn't stopped since"
14X Increase in online enquiries
45% Reduction in average cost per lead
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WA Energy

Reach a wider audience with highly persuasive & targeted Facebook ads

Our full-funnel Facebook Lead Generation program provides substantial opportunities to showcase your business, targeting audiences at every stage of their journey.

Influential content & strategies acquire more leads


Captures audiences who aren’t actively searching


Measurable performance


Increase revenue with optimised 
retargeting campaigns

Here’s our facebook lead generation process for turning your business into a powerhouse brand:

Deep Market Research

Deep Market Research

Our marketing team conduct in-depth market and customer research, workshop ideas, and identify flaws in your existing strategy that we can use to boost your results.
Growth Strategy Design

Growth Strategy Design

After we conduct our thorough research and interview your team, our marketing team will design a strategy that capitalises on the weaknesses of your competitors and the market.
Conversion Asset Preparation

Conversion Asset Preparation

Pre-launch, our team of content strategies will create marketing assets that we can use to boost the conversions of your campaigns, such as ad copy, videos, and landing pages.
Monitoring and Optimisation

Monitoring and Optimisation

Once your campaigns are live, our team will track and analyse the results, and create a plan that we can use to optimise our approach in the future.

Facebook Advertising with the best marketing team

We’re more than just a Facebook advertising agency. When you partner with Invicta Agency you get access to an entire team of professionals based here in Perth. From copywriting and content strategy, to creative and graphics design, we make sure you’re generating the best return for your Facebook marketing budget.

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Facebook Advertising with the best marketing team

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Ready to rise to the challenge?

We believe there are no challenges that cannot be overcome by great minds. At any one time, we are only one idea away from redefining your approach to Facebook advertising and transforming it into a revenue-generating powerhouse.

During your free growth strategy we will:
  • Complete an in-depth business analysis
  • Review and rate your website
  • Assess your content strategy and make recommendations
  • Conduct competitor analysis
  • Review your digital PR strategy
  • Identify keyword opportunities in your SEO
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