Dean’s Autoglass

Driving record breaking scale in website traffic and organic conversions


In a highly competitive market, Dean’s Autoglass carves a formidable online presence with a bolstered SEO strategy to drive record breaking website traffic and organic conversions, for both retail customers and commercial clients in auto glass repairs and replacements.  



    When Dean’s Autoglass first approached Invicta, the company was nowhere to be found on Google, with a poor website experience, minimal website traffic and little to no organic conversions, paid advertising was proving to be an expensive venture.


    Placing all emphasis on attracting and converting new customers organically, the Invicta digital growth team developed a long-term SEO focused content strategy that would continue to bring in new visitors and conversions for years to come. To achieve record breaking numbers in website traffic and organic customer growth, the team began optimising key service web pages, developing commercial services and crafting powerful blogs with specific keywords Dean’s customers were searching in Google. Content and SEO strategy was deployed to bring in hoards of new organic opportunities over time, while paid advertising and custom landing pages were developed to immediately generate new leads and customers. With new traffic coming through, CRO was applied to key service pages to focus on maximising organic conversions.


    Since campaign inception in 2018, Invicta has helped Dean’s Autoglass break into the mining and construction industry, supplying heavy machinery glass, while establishing brand dominance in auto glass repairs and replacements. Today, Dean’s Autoglass has achieved unparalleled organic growth and success with significant placements for high-volume searched terms. 

    Fast forward to 2022, Dean’s Autoglass reached all new heights with 131,144 new website sessions, contributing to 1614% increase in organic conversions since inception. Both blog content and optimised service pages have resulted in +662 keywords ranking on page 1 of Google search results thanks to the SEO and content strategy produced by their partnership with the Invicta team.

    • +131,144New sessions in 2022 compared to 3,700 in 2019
    • 1614%Increase in conversions from organic sources since campaign inception
    • +662Keywords on page 1 of Google search results