Tandara Dental Centre

One blog to rule them all drives +240,000 organic visits in one year


With a team of friendly professionals and state of the art equipment, Tandara Dental Centre continues to serve the families in our community providing quality oral care and education online.



    Tandara Dental Centre first approached Invicta Agency looking to increase visibility and lead generation on Google. After diving into Tandara Dental Centre’s website at the onset of the partnership, Invicta Agency was able to pinpoint opportunities for the business to become a viable resource for individuals looking for oral care in a location near to them. As we discovered in our early research and discussions, location keywords, ranking for short and long-tail keywords related to dental issues and their treatments or diagnosis was a key missing ingredient.


    With new pathways to connect with more customers identified, the Invicta team focused their efforts on a Content and SEO strategy to maximise competitive gaps in content that other dental practices missed, projecting Tandara Dental Centre to the top of Google search results. To attract new customers and drive online conversions, the team began building out blog content that served specific questions, educating people on dental issues and their treatments or diagnosis, while optimising key service pages to reflect the quality oral care and customer service Tandara Dental Centre provided. The results can be seen with one blog “Why is my jaw popping and what can I do?” being a featured snippet at the top of Google search results outranking Healthline for extremely competitive and highly searched terms. And continues to hold this position to this day, 2 years later.


    Since partnering with Invicta, organic traffic and conversions, keyword rankings and bookings have soared, ranking for a total of 1910 keywords with 213 keywords on page 1 of Google search results thanks to the efforts of an optimised content and SEO strategy. The success of that one blog continues to shine, driving 244,626 unique visitors year on year.

    • +213Keywords ranked on page 1 since campaign inception
    • +854%Increase in organic conversions, year on year
    • +244,626Unique visits generated from 1 blog, year on year