Total 4x4

Retail revenue grows over 6x


The team at Total4x4 has been enabling WA families and thrill-seeking 4×4 enthusiasts to get off-road for over 20 years. Traditionally, they carried out a lot of work for the fleet and commercial market but decided to expand their retail business over 6 years ago.

Although they had a strong community of people that came to them as their preferred provider, expanding the retail business proved very challenging. With high price competition and an abundance of shops pushing similar products, it was becoming difficult to cut through the competition and demonstrate what made this team so great.


  • Strategy Design
  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Sales Consulting


The company had been great at servicing commercial and fleet customers, but could not scale its retail businesses no matter how hard it tried. It was impossible to generate the volume and quality of enquiries needed for the next stage of growth.


The growth team at Invicta spotted instantly that Total4x4 had an offering base which was in high demand and yet they were not getting a substantial share of the traffic. The strategy was designed to capitalise on a range of quick wins within the first 90 days. The first initiative involved funneling high intent traffic with paid advertising, to certain product pages and optimising the forms. This generated an influx of enquiries which enabled the phase of initiatives. From here the team began expanding out the brand’s content and search strategy to accelerate the rate of traffic growth over time, so the quality and quantity of enquiries would grow. As the enquiries began rolling in, Total4x4 was able to transform its sales operations and has grown month on month since that day.
“We’re getting more enquiries than ever, the boys are constantly busy. Nothing’s too much trouble whenever I talk to the team at Invicta, it’s been absolutely amazing”

Take a look at some specific results we helped them achieve

Total4x4 has grown its retail revenue by over 6 times in the last three years. Their average customers not only spend more with them now, but most return to buy again and again after the experience they’ve had.

Brett and Mike have begun expanding their team to keep up with the demand, with new sales and operational staff now in place to help manage the load. The consistency in enquiries and sales has enabled them to begin thinking about larger premises and new team members to continue growth.

Total4x4 is now equipped with large volumes of enquiries, quality customers, hundreds of thousands of visitors to their site each month and a brand that’s respected by many.

  • 9xincrease in organic search traffic
  • 40%reduction in cost per enquiry from Google Ad campaigns
  • 180KWebsite visitors per year