Office Fitout Professionals

Doubling down on customer-focused content to raise visibility and market presence


In an industry that relies heavily on word of mouth and referrals, Office Fitout Professionals establishes brand dominance and online visibility, doubling down on SEO and content to drive growth in organic traffic and new customers.



    When Office Fitout Professionals first approached Invicta Agency, the company was competing against highly competitive search terms, with minimal visibility and a website that did not reflect the exceptional work they do. From the get-go, Invicta Agency was able to pinpoint areas of opportunities for the business to become the turnkey solution every individual was seeking. As we discovered in our early research and discussions, short and long-tail keywords related to retail and commercial fit outs processes, as well as improving the design and structure of service pages were key areas that would provide an immediate impact on the business.


    With a strong focus on attracting and converting new customers organically, the Invicta digital growth team developed a long-term SEO and content strategy to serve Office Fitouts target audience specific needs and drive them to reach out. To get ahead of competitors, the team began developing blog content that served specific questions, educating office managers on solving fit out problems and their processes and solutions, while optimising key service pages to reflect the quality fit outs and customer service Office Fitout Professionals provided.


    Since partnership with Invicta Agency, organic conversions have grown by 400% in a 9 month period, with +12 keywords on page 1 of Google and a 24% increase in organic traffic, thanks to the efforts of an optimised content and SEO strategy.

    • +400%Growth in organic conversions from February to November
    • +24%Increase in organic traffic
    • +12Keywords ranking on page 1 of search engines over 9 month period